RestfulBlanket® offers a wide selection of weighted products

At RestfulBlanket® we offer a wide selection of weighted products. We have our own production of sense stimulation, weighted blankets and weighted products in the size, weight and shape that fits you. Our ecological and sustainable weighted blankets can be used at challenges with anxiety and unrest and if you have ADHD, stress, autism, PTSD, sleep disorders, pain or something similar.

Our weighted blankets are CE-market as class I medical supply. 

The blankets are only filled with heat treated rapeseeds and therefore has many good qualities

  • They are not warm, because we have decided that the filling only is heavy fillings. This means that the heat is transported away from the  body,  but you can choose to heat  it on a heater or another heat source, like the owen or a dryer.
  • You can use it together with another duvet or a blanket, if you need more heat.
  • They can be washed in a regular washer and dried in a dryer.
  • They are sustainable and can, when they are worn out, be thrown directly on the compost.
  • They are free from noise and smell.
  • The rape seeds feels good to touch, if you need the sense stimulation.
  • They cover your body completely even when you turn over in your sleep. 
  • They give you a calm sensation in your body even if your mind is full of thoughts or your have restless legs.
  • Besides all this we offer guidance and help families who are vulnerable or exposed. Do you need help with communication, visual documentaion or if you need a bistander, we are ready to help.  

Contact us for a talk about you or your families need. Click here to see how you can contact us.

Peacefull greetings

Irene & Zafir

"No thank you" plastic

We do not use plastic in our products – everything is producet 100% ecological and sustainable. It is very important for to take care of the environment, and to use and reuse the ressources the best way.